Things to consider when buying a New or Used Car

Things to consider when buy and New or Used Car

Things to consider when buying a New or Used Car, this is a question just about everyone asks themselves before they start their journey into the Auto world.  The answer is not an easy one unless you really have your heart set on that new Escalade and money is no object. I know that is not the case for most of the car buyers.

Back to Reality

You want to make sure you are educated enough not to make a mistake that may cost you thousands maybe even tens of thousands of dollars when it comes to a car purchase.

Keep in mind- whatever vehicle you buy, and finance will be one you will be stuck with for at least 36 months, in many cases up to 8 years. Reason behind that is when you purchase and finance a vehicle you have what´s called negative equity unless you put down big chunk of cash. But that´s something I will explain in next article.

Car buying is exciting but stressful at the same time. Some people purchase vehicle because they want a nicer one. Some people just need a way to get to work or pick up the kids from daycare.  Whatever the reason – it costs money. The biggest reasons that will sway your decision usually are:


  1. Budget or Monthly Budget
  2. Safety
  3. Fuel economy
  4. Type of vehicle to suit your needs


Who doesn´t like the new car smell? I think there isn´t too many of us.  Like someone once said and we all know, we must live within our means.

Buying a new car gives you the security and satisfaction of knowing nobody owned or neglected it before you. You can take care of your baby since new. New cars will cost you more than preowned.


  1. With the new vehicle you get full factory warranty
  2. With the used one you can purchase extended one
  3. New vehicle hasn´t been in an accident or abused before
  4. With used one you can purchase Carfax to get the history


We will save you money and future headaches just by pointing you in the right direction. We can clarify the thoughts you are not sure about, even if you purchased cars previously, the business changes every day, and there is probably lot´s differences since you did last time. Please don´t hesitate to reach out no matter how trivial your question.

The length of a time planning on keeping your decision as well. Buying a car is serious decision in your life that should be supported by knowledge for your situation and your needs. My suggestion to you is to get a list of the most important musts and priorities and send us an inquiry at [email protected] or use our quick quote form.